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Fantasy Baseball!

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I got a new baseball book a couple days ago, Fantasyland.  It’s a great read, I’m already 100 pages into it.  Pretty much it’s non fiction book about fantasy baseball.  Anyone that enjoys baseball and fantasy baseball should give it a read, it’s a fun book .

So after 1 year away from keeper league fantasy baseball, I’m back on the wagon, or is that off the wagon?  My best friend Doug who I’ve been in a fantasy baseball league of some quality since high school started a league with another friend of ours last year, after the previous keeper league we did died.  Well one of the guys that is a mutual acquaintance  ended up dropping out, and Doug asked me if I wanted his team.  After thinking about it for awhile I decided to take over the team.  Unfortunately this team will require a big make over to become the type of team I’m proud to call my own.  This is what I got to work with so far.  Take into consideration that this is the full roster, of which I have to select 17 to keep by next weekend.  Those that are bold are the ones I’ve currently decided to keep (things may change).  But I don’t know all the league rules regarding positions to make a completely educated decision yet.

Travis Hafner 1B
David Wright 3B
Victor Martinez C / 1B
Todd Helton 1B (would like to trade)
Jermain Dye OF
Felipe Lopez 2B / SS
Scott Podsednick OF
Coco Crisp OF
Orlando Cabrera SS
Brad Hawpe OF

Dustin Pedroia 2B / SS
Xavier Nady 1B / OF
Melky Cabrera OF
James Loney 1B
Cameron Maybin OF
Adam Jones OF

Derek Lowe SP
Brandon Webb SP
Pedro Martinez SP (would like to trade)
Noah Lowry SP
Greg Maddux SP
Boof Bonser SP
Luke Hochevar SP
Edison Volquez SP
Bran Hennessey SP / RP
Adam Wainwright SP / RP
Jeremy Accardo RP
Matt Capps RP
BJ Ryan RP (from interviews I’ve heard with him, he’s still out till June/July)

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