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Tips for Perimeter Perusing at Target | Wise Bread - DanGarion =dot= com
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Date: 2008-02-14 14:57
Subject: Tips for Perimeter Perusing at Target | Wise Bread
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Nice info if you are looking for clearance deals at Target.

Tips for Perimeter Perusing at Target | Wise Bread
Daily Markdowns – In addition to the odd lot items that may be lurking among the regular merchandise and could be haphazardly stashed at the end caps, Target has a system for marking down their merchandise weekly:

Monday - Electronics, Kids Clothing and Stationary (Cards, GiftWrap, etc.)
Tuesday - Domestics, Women’s Clothing, Pets and Market (food items)
Wednesday - Men’s Clothing, Toys, Lawn & Garden, Health and Beauty items
Thursday - House Wares, Lingerie, Sporting Goods, Shoes, Music / Movies, Books, Decor and Luggage
Friday - Auto, Cosmetics, Hardware, and Jewelry

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User: freshtastic73
Date: 2008-02-19 04:05 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
This is great info. I have a Target .5 miles from my work, where I go often on my lunch break to grab something from the deli or whatever. And you know, me, I love to shop, so I always browse the mens section, toys and music.

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