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So not many of you know this, when I was a teenager I had a real bad ingrown toenail that ended up having to be resolved by the doctor extracting the entire nail.  It was not a pleasant experience.  Well after they did that they told me I had a 25% chance the nail would grow back.  Of course being on the wrong side of luck it ended up growing back.  I never went back to the doctor’s since it was a painful experience.  I just dealt with the nail, it wasn’t that much of a issue for years…  Fast forward to about 2 years ago when I was cutting back the nail (since it wasn’t normal I didn’t have to that often) and I ended up cutting it too deep, causing my toe to bleed and getting the nail to start ingrowing again.  the past 2 years I’ve taken care of it, trying to keep it from getting infected and when I had to cut it, keeping it very clean to prevent major problems.  But as I knew it was just going to get worse and worse, and with the prodding from Kelly to get it taken care of I went to the doctors last Monday to have them resolve the problem.  Amazingly it didn’t hurt at all this time, the nail extraction took probably 15 minutes and I was on my way.  I’ve now been soaking it and keeping it clean as the toe heals.  Hopefully the nail won’t grow back this time and I can lead a normal nailess big toe life.


Other then that not much has been going on.  We went for a drive yesterday around LA, that was fun.  Not really anything going on just working a lot.  I’ve been in Garden Grove primarily for the past 2 months, and look to be there for the month coming up as well.  I’ve been to my office in Anaheim a total of about 3 times in the past 3 months.  Kelly and I are planning to take a vacation in April once things settle down at my work.  Probably up the coast to San Francisco and Monterrey.

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