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The Strikes Over! (almost)

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So with the writers strike set to end tomorrow and the writers going back to work on Wednesday, I found on TV Guide a list of what is happening with shows.  I’ve only included those that I have interest in.

The Big Bang Theory
Expected to shoot 5 to 7 new episodes to air in April/May.
Good to hear, although I still wish The Class was on and in this timeslot, BBT has turned into a decent show.

Burn Notice
Production on Season 2 expected to get underway in late April. New episodes could start airing as early as July.
Awesome!  This has got to be one of the best breakout shows from last summer.  Can’t wait to get the 1st season on DVD and watch it again.

No new episodes until fall.
BOO!  They promised us more Chuck in a commercial on the last episode, and now they say no more till next season?

Hopefully they will get some more eppys in and possibly be able to resurrect Heroes: Origins as well.

How I Met Your Mother
Expected to shoot 5 to 7 new episodes to air in April/May.
Sweet!  Mondays are dead except for CBS at 8:00 and 8:30.

No new episodes expected. Ever.
Terrible, terrible decision by NBC.  They made a huge mistake by giving up on this show.

Six pre-strike episodes remain. Six additional episodes could air this season.
Lost could be in a great position, with 5 more new episodes and possible 6 additional ones, they could make out by having fresh TV.

My Name Is Earl
Expected to shoot 8 to 10 new episodes to air in April/May.
8-10?  Wow, yet NBC wants to be a dick to Scrubs (below).

The Office
Expected to shoot 5 to 10 new episodes to air in April/May.
Once again great news, if only NBC would treat Scrubs with enough respect to allow them to produce the proper amount of shows.

Pushing Daisies
No new episodes until fall.
Boo!  Would like some more, but I guess they feel they left the story at a good point till the next season.

Four pre-strike episodes remain. Four additional episodes will likely be shot; unclear whether they’ll air on NBC or go straight to DVD.
They were promised 7 more but appear to be getting the shaft with only 4 more.

Four pre-strike episodes remain. Expected to shoot 3 to 5 additional episodes to air in April/May.
Good to hear that there are possibly 9 more, it’s not the best show on TV, but I still like most of the story.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Five pre-strike episodes remain. Future beyond that TBD.
Pretty good TV, not sure if it will pan out, but I’ve been enjoying it.


One show not on the list was Eureka from what I’ve read they will be at least a couple weeks behind on filming since they were suppose to start in late Feb.  There is mention that they may get more episodes because of the strike which would be awesome.  Kelly and I rewatched the show a couple weeks ago, and now we are going to rewatch it again with the audio commentary, I love finding out more information and stuff about the inner workings of shows.

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