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2 Weeks Late

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Canon Digital Rebel
So yeah, it was my birthday 13 days ago.  I got some birthday wishes and I wanted to thank everyone that wished me happy birthday.  Kelly got me a Canon Digital Rebel XT, much like the one in the picture above!  The day before my birthday I had a party that I talked about back on the 10th.  I had a lot of fun and really appreciate all my friends and family that were able to make it.  Other then the party and my wonderful gift the past two weeks overall sucked, because I came down with the FLU!  I was sick for close to a week.  I still have a couple lingering symptoms but I’m feeling a lot better.  Last Saturday Kelly and I went over to Sean and Amber’s and we congratulated them on getting engaged, ate dinner and played board games, that was really fun, we played Sorry and also Dominoes.  Then on Monday, Kelly cooked a pot roast and we invited my parents over to eat with us.  Then Kelly got SICK!  She’s now been fighting the flu for most of the past week and is slowly starting to feel better, but it sucks because tomorrow is her birthday.  We were supposed to go to Disneyland tomorrow with Sean and Amber, but because of how the weather has been lately as well as both of us being sick recently we called it off and are going to reschedule for sometime later.  That’s about all that is going on right now.  I’m hoping I can get some nice pictures of the mountains today or tomorrow, the range to the North of us is completely blanketed with snow, nearly from the bottom up, I can’t remember the last time I saw that much snow on those ones!

By the way, Buster says hi! buster incognito

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