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We just got back from seeing this a couple hours ago and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was worth the cost of admission to see it in a theater. This is the type of movie that the theater is really going to make it or break it for you. We saw the first showing of the day so it wasn’t too crowded and there were no children running around and making a fuss, nor teenagers/adults acting like idiots. So we were able to enjoy the movie. Another plus is that we were in a very large screening room with the speakers majorly pumped up (another plus to experience, you got didn’t just hear you felt everything).
My wife had to look away for a bit of the movie because she was getting a little sick from all the movement. I rate it an 8 our of 10, and she gives it a 7.
We both agree that this is the type of movie that is only going to be a payoff of the first time. I don’t see me watching it again, but I don’t think that makes or breaks a movie, it’s just because of the type of movie it is. This was an impressive take on the typical monster genre and it was done the JJ Abrams way.

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