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Hey I Do What I Can!

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Yeah I know I don’t update this a ton, but I think I’m much better at updating this then I had been the past year…  Right?  Anyway let’s see what has been going on in the world.  USC won the Rose Bowl.  What’s new?  I mean USC has a better winning percentage playing in the Rose Bowl then UCLA, no wonder USC wants to make it their home.  I didn’t win the football pool, unfortunately Ohio States defense decided they should take the night off.  But it was fun none the less to know I was in it till the end.  The Dodgers had a float in the Rose Bowl parade.  That was pretty cool, one of the only reasons I even watched the parade this year.


In case you aren’t keeping track there are 36 days till pitchers and catchers report.  I’ve been mulling keeping a Dodgers Baseball blog on a domain I own.  Let’s Go Dodgers, but I just haven’t figured out exactly what and why I’m going to do it, especially with others do such a better job then I can (I also have a USC Trojans one, which is just as blank as the Dodgers).

We’ve seen a couple movies the past couple weeks.  Juno, Sweeney Todd, and I Am Legend, all are pretty good movies and were worth the time seeing.  Click here for my Movie Ratings.

Kelly and I are doing great, she’s been getting off from work a little earlier lately since it gets a bit slow after the holidays, so we’ve been running around and doing a ton of errands the past couple days.  She wants to throw me a birthday party, so we are having a party here at the apartment this Saturday.  She asked me what I wanted to eat (she wanted to get it catered) and she suggested Tulsa Rib Company which is one of our favorite places to go out and eat.  Other then that we went to BevMo last night and bought a couple 6 packs of both Smithwicks and Kona Brewing Company Fire Rock Pale Ale.  We also got a cake from the same place that made our wedding cake, French’s Cupcake Bakery.  I think it’s more of a both her and mine birthday party, since he’s is only 2 weeks after mine, but we are having the party the day before mine.  Should be fun, family and friends hanging out, eating, and playing pool.  Kelly got me a bunch of birthday gifts, but I don’t get them till Sunday, so I don’t know what they are.  I already got one of my gifts though some new Red Wing boots!  Very comfortable already and today is the first day I’m wearing them, which means they should break in great.  Red Wing makes some of the most absolutely best shoes, it’s nice that some companies still feel it’s important to make handmade shoes in the US, sure there is a premium, but you are paying for long lasting quality that no other company can match.  Also on my birthday Kelly is going to cook a roast.  Now if I could only find the CD cabinet that she wants.  They used to sell it at Pottery Barn and Cost Plus World Market but it’s not there any more, I guess this is what happens when you wait to buy something!

Work has been good, was very busy up till Christmas, going to get very busy again soon.  This week has been sort of moot because the classes I had scheduled in the morning have had no one show up, no one wants to learn about the new and exciting OCUR computer!  But I was able to schedule some classes in the afternoon regarding CableCARDs with another department and those seem to have worked well.

Lastly Kelly and I are trying to plan a little vacation but aren’t sure exactly what we want to do yet.  We need to go in February, since the shop isn’t as busy during that time.  Our choices so far are Hawaii (Kona Coast) which is sort of expensive, San Francisco area (which might be a little cold and wet), or Big Bear (for skiing or something).  We got to work on getting it planned now if we are going to do it!  That’s it for now.

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