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Christmas 2007 and More

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Hey it’s me!  I’m back with another post and I’m actually going to talk about what we did for a change even!  So Kelly and I had a great Christmas!  On Saturday Kelly and I took my parents out to dinner to dinner at Arthur’s.  We had my family party on Sunday where we do a gift exchange every year.  I came home with a art piece my uncle Terry made, it’s pretty neat, it’s made out of shells and is a guy on a motorcycle.  Wouldn’t be something I would buy personally, but it’s neat, it is up on a shelf with some other ones we got last year at their Christmas party.  Kelly ended up getting a really cool doormat, which worked out great since we needed one and like it.

On Monday Kelly had to work so I ran around and played Santa, dropping off some various gifts to friends.  Last stop I made was dropping off a bottle of wine and a gift certificate to my friend Sean and his girlfriend Amber.  When we went out to dinner with them a couple weeks ago they gave us a gift certificate for See’s Candy and some movie gift certificates.  After dropping off the gift I headed to the Dog Grooming shop to help Kelly clean and close and then we went home and cleaned up to go over to my parents and exchange gifts.  We got my dad a Tom Petty and the Heartbreaker’s DVD and the most recent Paul McCartney Album and we got my mom some scent oils from The Body Shop and a really nice wooden picture box that came with 4 albums to hold in it from Bombay.  My parents got me a $100 gift certificate for McCormick and Schmick’s and a recipe book for there.

On Christmas day we woke up way too early.  I think we ended up getting out of bed at 5:30 AM, just because we couldn’t get back to sleep after me going to the bathroom and then Buster being a little more noisy then normal after he went to the bathroom.  So we ended up exchanging our gifts in the early hours of the morning and had our wrapping paper thrown away in the dumpster before most people even woke up.

Here is what I got.
3 pants (Khakis from American Eagle, Jeans from Old Navy, and Cords from Old Navy).
A nice pullover sweater from American Eagle
A long sleeve Dodgers thermal shirt.
2 shirts from American Eagle that had to be returned because they have decided to only make "Vintage Fit" shirts which means that a XXXL shirt (when I only wear XXL in the first place) is actually a XL shirt.
Leatherman Squirt P4
Chrome Cologne, I had a sample from when we bought some cologne a couple weeks ago and Kelly really liked it on me.
Woody’s Hair Gel and all their Shaving stuff
Mission Impossible 1-3
Eureka Season 1!
And some cord coordinators for the computer and TV

Some of the things I got Kelly.
Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 1
Just Friends DVD
Fossil Watch
Assorted pajama and lingerie from Victoria’s Secret and Old Navy
An outfit for going out to a nice place and an outfit just for normal going out (This is something I’ve got for her every year, she always ends up liking what I pick out, it was funny because the girl at the store was impressed that I picked out a whole outfit that matched) Target and American Eagle.
Some nice button down shirts from Old Navy
Bare Escentuals Guilty Pleasures eye makeup and some other colors that I picked out.

And then Santa got us Scene It? on the XBox 360 which we have been playing nonstop since Christmas.  It’s pretty fun and for the normal price of a game came with 4 game controllers made specially for it.

After we finished opening up presents I cooked us breakfast and we played a couple games of Scene It.  And the we went to Kelly’s moms house for Christmas day.  I got a bunch of cool stuff from her family.

USC Trojans coaches polo with the Rose Bowl logo on it
Alias Season 4
A plug in fondue set and another recipe book.

All in all it was a great Christmas.  We were both off on the 26th so we returned some various things and then went out to the movies with my parents and saw I Am Legend, which I thought was really good a solid 4 out of 5 stars.  Then we went home and played dominoes.  Today I ran around and did some errands and then helped Kelly close up the shop (since I’m off all week).  Then when we got home I cooked dinner (Chicken Tacos) we played more Scene It and then we ordered Kelly a bunch of bras and panties from VS since they have a bunch on clearance 6 bras and 6 panties for 180 bucks isn’t bad at all.  I also bought some used games online from Gamefly (Bigs and MLB 2k7, I need some baseball!).  My shoes that I love are completely worn out so I typed in the number on the tag of the shoe and was able to actually find some places that still sell them so I ordered a pair.  And lastly for the past hour or so I’ve been putting together a Netflix queue since we decided to get a membership and start watching some movies (especially since the writers strike looks like it’s going to be a while).  So I’ll leave you with my first 10 movies we are getting from Netflix.

Omega Man (but it’s a long wait so who knows when we will get it)
National Treasure (Kelly needs to see it before seeing the new one)
Pan’s Labyrinth
I Heart Huckabees
Shrek 2 (another one Kelly hasn’t seen)
Heathers (ditto)
True Romance

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