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Round Trip Knock

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Well I just got back from softball.  We lost, which sucks, because the team we were playing was not that good.  They just had key hits and were able to keep the score close after we were able to take an big early lead.  But there was one bright moment in the game.  In my second at-bat of the game with 2 on I roped a opposite field three run homerun.  My first ever in my softball career.  From the moment the ball left the bat I felt it could have been the big on.  Their right fielder just wasn’t playing well and my ball got by him when he let up on the play and rolled past him.  As I was rounding second the shortstop on the other team was telling me I could slow down and take it easy but I wasn’t hearing any of it, I was running full out till I got to home.  It was a great feeling to finally get that first one done and over with, especially with this being my 7th or so league.  Hopefully next time my HR will help for the win.

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