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Our New Baby!

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So, the current computing rig has been having some issues lately with crashing and various other slight problems with it’s current setup. I had been contemplating putting together a new computer for awhile but building a rig from scratch just wasn’t going to cut it, because by the time I had finished buying all the parts it already would of been an aging computer. My demands for computing are pretty straight forward. I don’t need the best of the best. I just need a mid range gaming PC that will play the occasional game if I choose to do so. By I want something that will be great system for desktop speed and for media storage. With my company we have the opportunity to purchase Dell computers through Time Warner Cable at a slightly discounted rate. On top of that we get 0% financing up to $2000 and 26 payroll deductions to pay it off. It’s a great deal that I took advantage of years back when I purchased my Dell Inspiron 8200, which still works like a charm, it just weighs about 35 pounds! I have NEVER bought a desktop computer, I’ve always built them from the ground up, piece by piece, so this is a new experience in my personal life (I’ve bought numerous desktops in a professional role either for my department or in my consultant work). I quickly decided the only Dell desktop that was going to work for me was going to be their current XPS version, the XPS 720. 








Here are the specs of it.

Windows Vista Premium
Intel Core2 Q6600 (2.4 Ghz, 1066)
Quad Core with 8 MB cache
2GB Corsair DDR2 SDRAM overclocked to 1066
256 MB Nvidia GeForce 8600 GTS
160 GB WD Raptop, 10K SATA Drive for the OS
750 GB SATA Drive for the rest
Sound Blaster X-FI PCI Sound Card

And then I’m going to add a second DVD Burner to it (already have) and my 320 Gig SATA Drive I already has as well. Should be a nice rig for the next couple years and since it’s an XPS should be easy to upgrade if I feel like making some changes down the road. I did not get a new LCD since I already have a 20 Inch that does 1600×1200 and has been good to me.

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