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USC Football Still In The Hunt

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76382223DM021_ARIZONA_V_USC So, this college football season has been CRAZY!  So many top ten undefeated teams have lost, and this weekend wasn’t any different.  USC remains in the hunt for both the BCS and Pac Ten titles with the losses of both LSU and Cal!  USC was able to hang on and beat Arizona 20-13.

This victory was assisted by the future of USC, 2nd string Quarterback, Mark Sanchez started for injured starter John David Booty.


And Joe McKnight finally showed off some of the moves that made the critics compare him to Reggie Bush!

 76382223DM017_ARIZONA_V_USC capt.243a5254f43740c1b7ffe37f885facf1.arizona_usc_football_lac106 


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