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Date: 2001-04-17 15:05
Subject: Another Test
Security: Public
Music:Live - Shit Towne (K-Nad K-NAD (shoutcast))
Work is dead, waiting for calls!

TheSpark.com Bastard Test

The results are in. You are certifiably:

18% bastard!
10% of which is Tard

The worldwide average is 44% bastard.

How others compare:
0% (same as you)
4% (less bastard than you)
96% (more bastard than you)

Of the 2,181,250 test takers so far:

73% like to drink
59% gamble
51% will lie for sex
48% have cheated
41% hate homosexuality, 100%% of whom will die stupid and alone
17% would have sex with a relative
7% like childporn

Interesting Results:

The most bastardly age group so far is 27 year olds. 27 year olds average 46% bastard.
Guys who like the taste of coffee are more likely to cheat on their girlfriends.
Men who have been with prostitutes have more smelly armpits.
Catholics are more likely to spit on you.
Dirtbags who like childporn should burn in hell.
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