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More Racquetball Madness!

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So last night after Kelly got home from work we headed to the gym and played more racquetball.  We played just over an hour, she’s still learning but she’s improving.  When we were first got there my friend Paul and I talked for a bit and set up to play racquetball this morning.  So I went to the gym again this morning and played more RB with Paul.  We played for a good 50 minutes again.  I’m starting to get my wind back so that’s good, he gave me a good work out but when it was all said and done I was the winner, but he’s also still learning.  More of his racquetball experience is playing some girls at the gym and none of them really play.  But I don’t mind helping people learn to play, I’ve done it a lot in the past and it’s one of the things that helps the sport along.  So now I’m exhausted!  Rest of the day I’m just going to relax and do some laundry before heading over to the Dog Grooming shop and helping Kelly clean up and close.  Tonight we are going over to Sean’s for some brats and then we are all heading over to Oktoberfest over at Old World Village in Huntington Beach.  Then tomorrow Kelly mentioned something about going to the Orange County Auto Show, so we’ll probably end up there for a couple hours.

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