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Fall 2007 Television Watching

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Talking about TV.  The new Fall season is just about to start.  What are we watching?

Fall 2007 TV
How I Met Your Mother, it’s up there with my favorite comedies.  Kelly and I love this show.
The Big Bang, honestly I’m not happy that The Class was canceled, it really started to come into it’s own in it’s second half last season, but we will give this one a shot.
Chuck, this is an hour long show?  We’ll check it out, for the fact that the guy that played Jane on Firefly is in it, but I’m really only waiting for the next show on NBC to start…
Heroes, this became my #1 Monday night show, replacing 24, and last season if I had to choose to watch one, Heroes would have won out.  Fortunately we have Time Warner Cable DVR’s!
24, Looking forward to it starting up in January, and seeing what exactly they are changing up.
Journeyman, I’ll give it a look, but I’m guessing it won’t make it past 3-4 episodes.

Cavemen,…  Just kidding, I will never, ever, ever, ever watching this show, and I expect it to die miserably.
Carpoolers, would this be the first ABC comedy I watch since The Drew Carey Show ended?  Tune in to find out!
Beauty and the Geek, my only reality type show I can stand.  Hey I was a geek, some would say I still am, fortunately I’ve found my beauty… ;)
Reaper, I’ll give it a shot, since Kevin Smith’s name is on it.  But I’m not really quite sure what it’s about, I’ve been in the dark on a lot of shows this season.

Pushing Daises, Seems like an interesting premise, but if it’s halfway good I expect ABC to eventually cancel it.
America’s Next Top Model, this is Kelly’s show, I’ll be watching something else in the other room, actually I’ll be playing softball, but it’s interesting to see the photography, since that’s something I’m interested in.
Bionic Woman, looks kinda stupid, but I’ll check it out.  Not quite sure if it’s going to be something I really like.
Lost, on the list, but doesn’t start up till January… right?

Big Shots, Maybe this can replace my What About Brian? fix…  It’s got Michael Vartan from Alias, so that’s a plus, and I think the geeky guy from Sports Night is in it too.
Smallville, Supergirl! Bizaro Superman! and Lex Luthor, oh my!
My Name is Earl, will Earl spend the rest of his life in prison?  Just when he was really cleaning things up.
The Office, one of the 4 best comedies on TV, and maybe one of my favorite of all time.
Scrubs, The last season of probably my favorite TV ever.  Can’t wait to see what they do.  I hear Lavern has a twin sister…

Friday, this is nothing on TV on Friday nights, it’s the night to catch up.

Saturday… hah, yeah right.

Football, Simpsons, Family Guy, and American Dad, it’s a good ol American lazy Sunday.

That’s a busy weekly schedule, eh? :)

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