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Date: 2007-09-17 20:43
Subject: New TV
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Tags:49ers, dodgers, favorite players, general news, pro baseball, pro football, sports

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We bought a new 27in LCD HDTV for our bedroom today.  Olevia 227v is an awesome TV for the price $449.99.  Very impressed by the picture of the TV.  Now I just need to get another one of those cheap HDMI cables online so I can connect my Xbox 360 from time to time in the bedroom.

Other news, 49ers are 2-0!  Another close game, but I’ll take the win any day.  Unfortunately the Charges couldn’t get anything going and lost the late game last night.  And the Dodgers couldn’t get the sweep on the D-backs.  We need to get a winning streak, especially with only 4 series left, COL, ARI, COL, and finishing with San Fran.

What happen to Barry Bonds?  Ever since he broke the record I haven’t heard a single thing about him.  Is he still playing baseball?  I don’t even know what the home run record is.  It’s amazing how he’s dropped off everyone’s radar.  How about Frank Thomas and 3 dingers tonight!  And last but not least one of my favorite players of all time hit his 500th homerun, Jim Thome hit his 500th against the Angles yesterday!  Just an awesome feat.


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User: offy
Date: 2007-09-25 06:03 (UTC)
Subject: Re: Wow....
Yes, but both of those come with a consequence (and one might have a lot more than the other, it's risky hitting someone with Roid Rage). Changing signals in football doesn't hurt a team unless they've got someone on their team whose a little slow and can't get the new signals down.

I was really hoping that all of this would lead to the league deciding to go against the close vote and implement helmet headsets for defensive captains. There's no reason that they shouldn't have them and then no one has to worry about stealing signals unless they think a team might try to wire a defensive player's headset to do so.
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