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Good weekend.

Well today Doug and I went to AndySoft's place to pick some stuff up and put it in storage for him. After that the three of us had some lunch, Doug and I paid, since Andy is leaving back to Canada and broke. (See you back soon man!). Then the three of us went and hooped it up at the local BB courts. After that ANdy went back home, and I went and saw Tomcats with Doug and my cousin Tim.

Yesterday I worked and then played games with my friends after work.

Friday night I had a really good time. Doug, Paul, Rosie, Rosie's friend Chivon and also Danielle hung out. We all went to TGI Fridays and then on over to ESPN Zone. Technically I wasn't being set up with Danielle, but then technically Rosie and Chivon were trying to set me up. Danielle seems pretty nice although she is just a little to young for me. I would still like to see about being friends with her though. I doubt anything would ever happen though. I did happen to hear that she thought I was nice and cute. At least I'm getting a confidence boost from that. It's always good to hear things like that. So if anyone wants to make comments about how wonderful I look go ahead! :)

The upcoming week looks like it will be a blast, on Thursday it looks like I am going to get to see SR-71 and Dexter Freebish at the Galaxy! That is going to be a blast. I'm looking forward to that, the last show I saw was almost 4 years ago, Toad the Wet Sprocket, that was at the Galaxy too. Tomorrow I am going to go to the No Fear store and buy a shirt that really kicks ass, that I saw there. Plus I need to get my bowling ball repaired. On Friday I am trying to get a gang of friends together to go with me somewhere (probably Danny K's a pool/bar place) to show my friend Michelle a good time for her 21st B-day. She doesn't have a lot of friends and doesn't have anything to do, so this is going to be my B-day gift for her. That will be fun. Don't have much else planned.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend. Tomorrow I will have the Andy Soft Going Away Tribute Babe of the Week, stay tuned!

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