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Geocaching and Offroading - 01/07/07 - DanGarion =dot= com — LiveJournal
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Date: 2007-01-10 12:52
Subject: Geocaching and Offroading - 01/07/07
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Tags:gps, kelly, offroad, truck
On Sunday after eating breakfast and going for our walk Kelly and I went out geocaching up in the Santiago / Silverado Canyon area. We first hit two geocaches that I had logged in my GPS down in Black Star Canyon. After that we felt like getting a drink and headed to the store in Silverado. When we passed by the Ranger Station I read that the gate was open at the end of the road! It had been nearly two years since I'd been able to go up into Silverado Canyon so I asked Kelly if she felt like going up and she said yes.

Here is a quick track of our decent. I didn't realize the GPS wasn't recording our track, so all I got was the decent from where we stopped and turned around.

You must have Google Earth (free) to look at it. http://www.dangarion.com/files/offroad010707.kml if it opens in your browse just download it to your desktop and doubleclick on it then and it should open up in Google Earth.

We have a couple pictures that Kelly took as well, but they are at home. I will post those later.
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