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Geocaching and Offroading - 01/07/07

On Sunday after eating breakfast and going for our walk Kelly and I went out geocaching up in the Santiago / Silverado Canyon area. We first hit two geocaches that I had logged in my GPS down in Black Star Canyon. After that we felt like getting a drink and headed to the store in Silverado. When we passed by the Ranger Station I read that the gate was open at the end of the road! It had been nearly two years since I'd been able to go up into Silverado Canyon so I asked Kelly if she felt like going up and she said yes.

Here is a quick track of our decent. I didn't realize the GPS wasn't recording our track, so all I got was the decent from where we stopped and turned around.

You must have Google Earth (free) to look at it. if it opens in your browse just download it to your desktop and doubleclick on it then and it should open up in Google Earth.

We have a couple pictures that Kelly took as well, but they are at home. I will post those later.
Tags: gps, kelly, offroad, truck

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