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Todays Walk


Here is a picture I took at the beginning of my walk today. This is the new Chapman University film school. I work right across the street from this place. It's a beautiful building that sort of reminds me of a old theater, with the marquee sign in front, all it needs is a little neon.

Today's walk took me over to 7-Eleven where I picked up a Lo-Card Monster drink. I was disappointed to find out that 7-Eleven carries no unsweetened versions of Iced Tea! Guess I won't be going there that often on my walk. This was a good walk though, I finished my lunch in about 10 minutes and left at 12:20, returning at 12:50 for a 30 minute walk. I don't think my choice of shoes today really helped the cause though. I usually wear a pair of shoes that look like some Vans slip ons, they don't provide much arch support and are definitely not my 1st choice for walking in, but they look good. I'll have to start wearing some of my more sturdy shoes, like my Red Wings. Todays walk was 1.2 miles and really started to burn my legs and feet that last 1/4 mile or so. Fortunately my back didn't act up like it usually does when I walk a lot, but that might be the Tylenol I took earlier for my headache.

Todays route
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