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I had a good weekend. I'm feeling so much better finally. No more sick for me! Still taking the antibiotics but I am feeling much better. I have been drinking lots of juice, water, and milk. I have only had 1 soda a day, and I don't even need that! I'm eating a little better, I got fruit and I'm eating a couple things a day.

My parents are back home, I picked them up tonight from John Wayne Airport. I went ahead and got rid of my stupid little graphics pictures and now I will subject you all to wonderful pictures of myself! I'm in a good mood... I bought a couple shirts, a dodger jersey, some sunglasses, and also a nice new No Fear hat. I hung out with Michelle earlier today. I watched the fight last night and then, Doug, Rosie, Paul, Myself and a friend of Paul and Rosie's went to ESPN the Zone, I played a bunch of games, took shots on a fake hockey goalie (scored 21 points). The real topper of the night was beating the Fresh One in Air Hockey 7-2 and also on this biathlon shooting game, 2 rounds to 1. Also Rosie and her friend said something about setting me up with some girl from their work, but she might just be a little to young. I guess I will see what happens...

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