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Cooking with the soon to be Schoonover's

Last night after Kelly got home from work she gave me some money I went to the grocery store to get necessities. When I got home I cooked up a spaghetti frittata. Kelly cooked up the spaghetti pasta and once it was done I started up some olive oil in a pan and browned up some garlic. Once that was ready I tossed in the pasta and mixed in 1/2 a jar of Classico Sun Ripened Tomatoes sauce, along with 4 beaten eggs. After letting that good for awhille (and making sure the egg was able to get cooked by turning up the sides so the liquid could get to the pan), I put it in a baking dish and to the side. We then sliced up some potatoes and tossed them with some olive oil, salt, pepper, and rosemary (now I know what we forgot... GARLIC!), and roasted those for 30 minutes. I put a light amount of cheddar cheese (forgot to pick up parm or romano) and placed the frittata in the oven for the last 10 minutes. The frittata was great! The potatoes needed a little more flavor but were good. After finishing dinner we watched My Name is Earl and The Office. I could NOT stop laughing while we were watching The Office, the episode was so true.

Now here I am at work... Fun Fun!
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