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Well after my little doctor's visit yesterday I have decided to try and take some steps to living a healthier life. I'm going to drop my 5-7 cans of diet soda a day. Try to limit that down to no more then 1. I'm going to start drinking lots of water, fruit juices, and milk (like I used to). This should help in case I really do have some type of issue with my Kidney (which would probably be because I don't drink enough water it's working overtime...). I also am going to start trying to eat a bit healthier, went to the store today and got some bananas and grapes. I also picked myself up some fruit cups to take to work. I'm going start bringing meals into work for lunch. Maybe not everyday but at least a majority of the time. This will probably help me save some money as well. I'm already trying to work on getting more exercises, trying to play basketball with my friends, although finding the time has been tough. Soon we will all see the new and improved Dan!
Muhahahahaha! =)

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