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Monday night cooking

So Kelly's mom suggested that Kelly and I start cooking dinner for everyone on Monday's which we both thought was cool, since we like to cook. Her mom actually forgot about it and was happy to see that we were getting started when they were walking in the door. We just made something nice and simple. We heated up a pan with olive oil and garlic (salt and pepper) for the chicken, and then a pot with olive oil garlic and onions (and salt and pepper) for the sauce. After they caramelized a bit I threw some of the onions in with the pan for the chicken. Then I tossed the chicken in and seasoned it with some more salt and pepper (one of my tips I've learned from watching Food Network, season every time to put a new thing in), and cooked them till it was all done. In the pot I tossed in green peppers and cooked them for a couple minutes to break them down a bit. After the veggies were ready I tossed in a bottle of Barilla marinara and waited till it was heated up. Mixed that along with some penne pasta and it was done. The chicken was cooked perfect and for those of us that like meat (everyone but Kelly ;) ) we just scooped some on top of the pasta and sauce. Then we served that along with peas and a fresh loaf of french bread from Albertsons that we threw in the oven to get warm again. Everyone liked it.
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