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V-Day 2006

Just a quick recap.

I bought Kelly something from Victoria's Secret that she wanted. Then I also got her M&M's because she loves them. She got me Round 2 Game 2 tickets for the World Baseball Classic at the Angel Stadium of Anaheim. She was ready to go out when I got to her place at 3:40 so we headed to our favorite restaurant Dominic's. Since they open for dinner at 4:30 we were able to get a table no problem, we were the first ones there and a lined started to form after we got there and waited for them to open. We ordered some champagne and had our typical caesar salad, but we both ordered things different then our normal. Kelly got the Manicotti with marinara while I ordered one of their specials, Sun Dried Tomatoes with spinach and asparagus, along with penne pasta and chicken, it was a great dish. After that we headed over to The Coffee Bean and order some coffee to take home. We laid down and watched the final Episodes of Arrested Development, which were SOOOOOO out there yet so entertaining and hilarious.

And that was our night. It was great.
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