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Rainforest Cafe

I've officially wrote this place off as a rip off. This restaurant is purely in the business to rip people off and make money. They are overpriced and not really anything amazing. Kelly and I went to South Coast Plaza yesterday because she had a gift certificate she wanted to use. After we finished our shopping she wanted to take me to Rainforest Cafe because I had never been there before. After looking through the menu I was pretty surprised to see the prices. I understand a company has to make money, and I understand that a "theme" or "gimmick" place is usually more expensive, but when a majority of the menu is priced high and they don't even seem to be that amazing of dishes then there is a problem. An order of Fish and Chips were 15 dollars! Not to mention I wash surprised at the lack of vegetarian meals. Unfortunately many restaurants menus are not very accommodating to vegetarians, they put a couple salads on the menu (which have meat on them) and they thing they are vegetarian. The only strict veggie meal they had as a veggie hamburger. The place was sort of neat inside but I don't intend to go there ever again.
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