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Sick Day...

Well I called in sick to work today. I just haven't been able to get better from whatever has been causing my sore throat and after three weeks of it getting better and then coming back I went to Kaiser. The doctor gave me amoxicilin, hopefully I actually have some type of infection or strep throat so I'm not wasting taking antibiotics. But actually something else came up while I was having my visit. Back in November I went it when I was sick and I had 4 vials of blood taken out for various tests and checkups, basically for a suedo-physical, well it comes out today that I should have received a call because something wasn't right with a test that had to do with my kidneys, nothing serious but I guess the levels were a little high. So the doctor had me get more blood taken today to see if there was just a lab mistake or if they might need to look a little deeper. I hope everything is ok, no one in my family has had any type of kidney problems. Other then that I had 5 total vials of blood taken today. They wanted to test to see if I had been give in vaccinations for Measles, Mumps and Hepatitis. I am pretty sure I did get the Measles and Mumps ones years ago, but I'm not sure about the Hepatitis vaccination. I might have to go back sometime in the next couple weeks depending on the outcome of these tests. I guess I will see...

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