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Wedding Planning

So, a wedding planning update! The date has been set! July 29th, 2006!

After visiting a couple different places that basically did everything for us Kelly and I came to the realization it just wasn't going to be affordable for us to spend 8k plus so now we are doing the next best thing. Everything is going to be done at her parents house. They have a big back yard and there is enough space to get everything to work. Our "final" guest list, the one that we will be sending out save this date announcements to is 140. Kelly has already bought her dress. We talked to our DJ last night, he's a friend of her brothers that's known Kelly for years, he does it for a profession and has all the needed gear, plus the price is right. He offered to do it for free, but we insisting on paying him something so it's going to be $100 for all day, he will be handling all the services and basically being our MC. We will of course be giving him a good tip on top of his charge. Also he's related to someone at a local party rental place so we are going to be getting a better deal on our tables, chairs, and linens then we thought. Catering looks like it will be done by two women that are employees at my moms work, they do catering on the side and I know they do a great job. The price is going to be less then $10 a person and it will include serving the food. Inviations are still being looked into. We have yet to decide or even look into an officiant. Wedding cake searching will be done soon. Beer (3 kegs), punch, coffee, and maybe tea will be the main drinks, but we will also be getting Wilson Creek Champagne (which is really good) for our toast. On Friday I will stop by some tux shops and check on prices for tuxedos. We are going to need 7 tuxedos, mine, our fathers, my best man (who will be freshtastic73"Fresh" hopefully), and her three brothers. We won't have bridesmaids. My uncle will be doing the photography. Flowers are going to be done by a friend of a friend, we've already met with them and it's going to be about 120 bucks total. We are getting a bunch of great deals on just about everything. My mom and aunt will be working on decorations and lots of other things to make everything look nice. So that's where we are so far.
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