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The world is a small place...

It's amazing how some many people I know are intertwined with one another.

I knew Miss Kris from a Toad the Wet Sprocket e-mail list before she saw my website and asked me if I worked for Time Warner. The funny thing is she works for the same Time Warner office that I work for! We became friends because of that!

I got my friend Dave a job at Time Warner as an installer, when Dave, Fresh,AndySoft, Paul, and my cousin Tim played ping-pong last week we found out that Dave installed AndySoft's cable back in November!

Paul has a friend named Rosie that is our partner in the bowling league. Paul and Rosie work at Knotts Berry Farm (the Amusement Park), Rosie has an adopted brother named John. John also works as Knotts in security, my cousin Tim used to work at Knotts and knows John!

The first girl I dated was Amy, we dated for about 3 weeks when I was 19 and we ended up stop talking. About 3 years later I answered a personal ad on Yahoo and she immediately knew it was me. We became friends again afterwards...

I posted a personal Ad on Yahoo a couple months ago about 3 weeks ago a girl replied to my ad that lives in Ohio but is moving back here in September. She checked out myYahoo Profile and saw my last name. She used to go to my mom's work the Boys and Girls Club of Stanton back when she lived around here about 8 years ago. She remembers my mom fondly.

There you have 5 instances of how small the world is. With 260 million people living in the USA alone it is amazing that things like this can happen. But they do!

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