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The Emmys!

So Sunday is the Emmy's! And with that I'm going to be cheering on Scrubs and Lost! Zach Braff for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series would be wonderful, but he's up against Jason Bateman from Arrested Development, and also Ray Romano, it will be a tough one to win, but it would be great for a show that after the best season ever is getting kicked in the balls and has no time slot till one of the new crap shows fails.

Kiefer Sutherland should be an easy choice for Lead in a Drama, but I haven't really watched the other shows he's against.

I figure one of the ladies from Desperate Housewives will win the real question is which one!?

Jennifer Garner for lead in a Drama would be cool, but I don't think she's that great of an actress.

Jeremy Piven for supporting actor in a comedy series for his work in Entourage, but he will face tough competition with the guys from Raymond as well as Jeffrey Tambor (although I think the guy that play G.O.B should have been nominated over Tambor).

Supporting actor in a drama, Terry O'Quinn from Lost would be a great choice, Naveen Andrews would be as well. I wish Victor Garber (from Alias) had been nominated I think he's a great actor and does a wonderful job on the show.

Supporting actress in a comedy - probably Doris Roberts from Raymond.

Outstanding Comedy - Arrested Development wasn't as great as the 1st season but was great, Desperate Housewives probably has this one in the bank, but my opinion is this year it should be all about Scrubs, the season was great television.

Outstanding Drama - Lost, the characters, the casting, the premise, it's not really like a show that's been on before. 24 could be a close one as well since this season was rock solid.

Well that's my opinions, but I guess I'm biased for the shows I enjoy.

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