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San Onofre Camping Trip.

Well we had a great time camping last night. We got to the campground at around 12:30 after picking up some lunch at Pedro's Tacos in San Clemente. They let us get our spot early. We ate lunch and set up camp. We went down to the beach for a bit were we got burnt (doh). Then we came back up and played cards (speed and gin rummy). After cooking dinner (Boca Burgers with avocado and cheese and Pringles) we headed back to the bench on the bluffs to watch the sun.

After that we came back to the campground and relaxed. Once it started getting dark we lit our fire, cuddled up, and then cooked a couple smoores. We got to bed at around 10:40 and slept pretty good once we were able to get Lilly to lay down. Then we were woken up at around 5:30 by Lilly since that's when she normally gets up. We were able to sort of get back to sleep till about 7 when we coooked up breakfast (fried eggs and cheese on bagels) and packed up. It was a wonderful trip. Looking forward to our bigger trip next weekend.

Camping Trip

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