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My Eyes...

I seem to hear it over and over, women like my eyes. So here I have included a couple pictures of my eyes and my hair. The two things I think are my best features. Although I need to get a hair cut, my hair is getting a little long (at least to me). So what do you think? I will have some actual real pictures some other time, I just made some quick web cam caps. My web cam is on all the time although I don't really have it is a place that people can see me. It's more or less normally pointed in the corner looking at one of my Swingers posters and my Gladiator poster.

Well here they are. So what do you think is your best feature? I know everyone always asks these type of things, but I'm curious. Next I might do worst features, although I'm sure most of you aren't looking forward to seeming my big belly!


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