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First off I would like to place a disclaimer before I write anything.. If you are easily annoyed and jealous of guys talking about women they admire please skip this post...

I went and saw Heartbreakers today and I must say that Jennifer Love Hewitt is one of the most beautiful young actresses in Film and TV today. I don't care what anyone else says she is an amazing looking woman and a good actor as well. I don't understand that many girls I know must berate her when I mention this. Just today when it was mentioned to a girl I know we were going to see this movie the first words out her mouth were that she's a slut. And of course there is always the typical she's stuck up. She's ugly. She's annoying. And whatever else people have to say. But all I can say is wow when I see her beautiful face. And yes she has a great body as well. Screw Angela Jolie she has nothing on Jennifer Love Hewitt! I can say this because it is my journal! =)

I can also of course share some pictures of the woman of my dreams. Especially since I haven't shared my pictures of the week for months!

So this here is for the guys and the girls (well the ones that like this sorta stuff).

My favorite Jennifer Love Hewitt Pictures (The Return of Pictures of the Week!)


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