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Orange County Mining Company


Tonight. I took Kelly out on a date. I picked her up at her place and gave her a nice bouquet of flowers. She didn't know where we were going since I kept it a secret so we headed towards our destination. It was still about an hour till our reservations so we stopped at Starbucks and got some coffee. I figured it didn't really matter if we were early to the restaurant since they have a bar anyway. Well one of the unique things about the Orange County Mining Company is that is has one of the most spectacular views of any place in the area, so when we got to the parking lot there was a perfect parking space for us to watch the sun set. We sat in my truck and watched as the sun quickly disappeared behind I think what are the Hollywood hills. We then proceeded inside and I checked on our reservation. We were still early so we got some drinks at the bar, Kelly had a midori sour and I had a colorado bulldog (although they make them without vodka here for some reason). Our table was ready and we sat down at a huge table that was big enough for 6. It had a beautiful view of all of North Orange County. We ordered a couple beers, and I had an excellent hefeweizen (which name I cannot remember) and Kelly had a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. We also ordered spinach and artichoke dip, which was probably some of the best I've ever had. It came in a bread bowl along with tortilla chips. The bread was delicious and we ate nearly the whole bowl by the end of the night. Unfortunately they don't have much of a vegetarian selection since it really is sort of a steak house, so Kelly was reserved to having only the salad bar and some bread. I on the other hand ordered the broiled halibut, it was really good. Loved the cajun seasoning they put on it. After we were all done, ew got lucky as we left and were back out at the parking lot the fireworks at Disneyland started, so we stood there and watched the fireworks. We seem to have some of the best timing. I swear it seems like we always get to places right before the crowds pick up or just at the perfect moment to enjoy something a little special.

Overall it was a great night. I'm not sure if we will go there again for strictly dinner or not, but the view alone is worth it all.


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