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Weekend Update - WITH PICTURES!!!!

Friday - Irvine Spectrum, had dinner at Red Robin after starving all night as we drove to this Mexican Restaurant that was too busy when we got there (since we were hungry!) Then we walked around and checked out some stuff at some of the stores. Kelly was looking for some new shoes but didn't find any she liked. I convinced her to buy some cute black pants from Tilly's which she looked good in the next day. Then we did the ferris wheel thing (since it's our thing when we go there and I took a picture while we were up in the air of us.

Saturday - Had a family thing for my uncle who's going to China in 2 weeks for 6 months (he works for Disneyland and they are sending him to help open up Disney Hong Kong) Kelly got to meet some more of my family members and had a good time.

Sunday - We went hiking in off Ortega Highway on the San Juan Loop Trail with Kelly's dog Lily

Was a lot of fun. Lily had never really been out to a place like this before since she only usually gets taken to the beach instead so she seemed to have a lot of fun with all the smells and running low through the grass. The hike was longer then what it is labeled at (2.1 miles) I would say it's more like 3-4 miles. After that we cleaned up and had lunch at Togo's. Then we went to Target and got a tent, air mattress, other useful items for camping, we are going on a camping trip next month and there is no better time then now to get ready. We lounged around for awhile and then we went to Disneyland where Kelly got a annual pass. Then we hung out for a bit and I took her home.

Monday - We went to lunch at Baja Willies where I devoured chicken fajitas. We then went over to Vault 350 in Long Beach to buy tickets to see Cheap Trick this coming Saturday (one of Kelly's favorite all time bands). Then the rest of the day we just laid around and slacked. After Sunday we needed to just veg and not do anything to active we were both still exhausted from hiking and Disneyland.

I will put up some pictures from Sunday tonight when I get home.

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