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Friday - Red Robin (they don't have the portabelo burger anymore!). Then we walked around the Village at Orange ORANGE MALL, after that we headed over to Downtown Disney and walked around. I showed Kelly freshtastic73"Fresh" and my's old stomping grounds at Disneyland Hotel and told her some stories and then we walked about Downtown Disney checking out all the places. After that we went and had coffee at our Diedrich Coffee over at the Orange Circle.

Saturday - Draft day for my money league, made some big trades got Vlad for Abreu and Clement, and I got Javy Vazquez for a trade on my other team, very happy. After 7 grueling hours I called Kelly who had pretty much fallen asleep after a long day of work and waiting for me, raced over, and picked her up. We went back to my place and watched TV cuddled up on my couch (one of our favorite things to do).

Sunday (Easter) - I picked up Kelly and took her over to my aunt and uncle's place (Cheri and Mike) which is the house my dad grew up in. She got to meet them and also my grandmother and step grandfather (my dad's side). After a little more then an hour it was over to Kelly's to have dinner with her family. I met some more of her family (aunt and uncle, and some others), and then after we ate we sat out back at the fire pit with her brothers and father talking. I really like her family, they are all nice people. After awhile we escaped and went to see Guess Who? which was really funny and very worth the price of admission a solid 7 out of 9.

Monday - We were supposed to go play tennis but it was raining in the morning so we went out to Lunch instead at TGIFridays. Then after vegging for a little bit we headed out to my sister and brother in laws in Corona. Kelly got to meet them and all the kids for the first time. We went and watched Morgan (my niece) and also my two cousins do gymnastics, and then we all went out to dinner at Don Jose's.

That's it, that's the weekend!

Last night I ate dinner over at her parents celebrating her brother's b-day.

And tonight it's LOST! YAY! And we have Scrubs to watch too...

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