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Have I even mentioned that I think A New Found Glory is like one of the most awesomest groups around?!

I just cannot get enough of their stuff they RULE! Check them out! If you like Blink, MxPx, Fenix TX, and stuff like you will love these guys. I guarantee! And if you don't I will apologize =)...

By the way I really need a woman! I'm sick of this single shit. I have been single for way to long... I miss having someone there for me, someone I can depend on (of the opposite sex) other then my friends. I miss having someone love me in the way. I miss waking up with someone in my arms. I miss cuddling up and watching a movie. I miss making out. I miss holding hands. I miss having someone on my mind 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I miss being on some ones mind throughout the day. I miss a voice mail message just saying, "Hi, hope you are having a good day." I miss hearing someone saying, "I love you." I miss saying, "I love you." I miss staying in and watching a movie. I miss holding someone in my arms. I miss lots of other things that I probably shouldn't mention here };).

Oh well, I know I will find what I lost eventually. I just really get tired of waiting sometimes. But I am happy. I have GREAT friends and family members.

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