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The More I Watch The Move I'm Impressed...

*Scrubs* Content. If you haven't watched it by now it's your fault.

I have been impressed with the recent episodes of Scrubs, they have found the perfect mixture of comedy and drama and have really hit a roll. I really liked the end sequence when they fast forwarded through what JD was thinking in his mind and what really ended up happening. If Scrubs does not win (hell if it's not nominated) for best comedy I will lose all faith (the little I have) in those that run the Emmys. Scrubs is the BEST 30 minute show on TV period. Most the actors on the show deserve recognition for their acting talents and the writing on the show is top notch. Quality TV's shows are hard to come by nowadays, with the invention of CRAP ASS reality TV, and in my opinion those that watch it are the ones that help contribute to the deterioration of television. Survivor, American Idol, Apprentice, Bachelor, My Big Fat Stupid TV show. Sure they might be ok when you have to waste some time, but if you honestly dedicatedly watch these shows... you have no taste. (of course this is just my opinion and it's subject to change...). Television is supposed to emulate life, not be life, that's why reality TV doesn't do it for me.

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