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Story Time

See this new icon, the poker chip? It's the reason I know my girlfriend. See back in early January I took a trip to Vegas, and at that time I was talking to a girl who I spent 5 months talking on the phone waiting for her to make up her mind if she wanted to ever meet me. I'm sure some of you remember some of my stories regarding her. Well before I went on my trip to Vegas she told me to make a crazy bet, so I did just that. I put 100 on black on roulette and I won. It was to be our money to spend when we finally went out and met. I kept a $1 chip from the winnings to give to her when we met, but when I told her about that she said "I'd rather have the real dollar". I was miffed at her reaction and she logged off, never to hear from her again (even when I called her a couple times). But while I was in Vegas I also received a text message on Yahoo, because I still had my personal ad on Yahoo (face it if someone is too paranoid to meet you after 5 months of talking you need to start looking elsewhere) from an interesting sounding girl. Well I messaged her back but from my normal Yahoo account so she didn't know who I was and didn't respond back. I messaged her again later on my personals account and we started talking. I really didn't think anything of it at first since I was still stuck on the previously mentioned girl, but as I talked to her more and more I really started to enjoy talking to Kelly. So I guess I sort of owe it to that girl as to why I now am in a wonderful relationship with K and now this chip has found a permenant place in my wallet with me wherever I go to remind me of how lucky I am to have someone as amazing as her in my life.

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