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Date: 2005-02-24 07:33
Subject: MAE
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So last night's MAE show was great! Although I had to suffer though 2 suck ass bands to get to them. The first band Yellow Second was pretty good, I think they were made up of one of the former members of Five Iron Frenzy. Then The Strays, who's singer sucked and his mic was too loud. After that we were subjected to Bullet Train to Vegas who's singer was terrible. Both the sucky bands had decent music but they just weren't bearable when it came to the singers, they were definitely not MAE show bands. But that is what's expected. The Strays are planning a release so they got the bill because they are sort of "popular" somewhere (the UK), and BT2V got billing as the band before MAE because they are a local band. It's the normal way they do shows. But I was very impressed by Yellow Second.

MAE was amazing. They are great live, and these guy could really hit it big one day. The show was sold out and the crowd really was enjoying it. Kelly really thought they we good too.

Oh and I also met unravel_inparis and talked to her for a couple minutes, which was cool. We talked about shows we'd gone to and then I made fun of the reason I hate going to Chain Reaction, because it's an all ages club that sells no alcohol they have a very 16-20 base of show goers. But it's worth it if you are seeing a band you want to see.

So that was my night.
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