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Excerpts from The Essential 50 PC/Console Games of All Time

As featured HERE on I'll only comment on games I really feel like talking about, some I rarely if ever played.

The Games:

Essential 50 Club

1. Spacewar (1962: PDP-1)

2. Pong (1972: Arcade/Console) - Never really played it, except for a couple times.

3. Space Invaders (1978: Arcade) - I'd rather see something like Asteroids up this high, especially since it's not on the list. Asteroids was my favorite game all time on my Atari 2600

4. Adventure (1979: Atari 2600) - I loved playing this game as a kid. I think of all games on my 2600 this is the one I played the most with Asteroids being a close second.

5. Battlezone (1980: Arcade)

6. Pitfall! (1982: Atari 2600) - Another game I played a lot on my 2600. I remember running around and collecting silver, gold, and diamonds, jumping over alligators and scorpions, and how frustrating it would be when you died.

7. Zork (1977-79: DEC PDP-10)

8. Game & Watch (1980-88)

9. Star Wars (1983: Arcade) - This game was my favorite arcade game when I would go down to Golfland ( miniature golf and arcade). I could play this thing forever and I was pretty good. Always loved the graphics, the color vector graphics were cutting edge at it's time.

10. Pac-Man (1980: Arcade) - Waka Waka Waka Waka.

11. Donkey Kong (1981: Arcade) - Always was fun to play, but I always sucked at it.

12. Rogue (1980: VAX/BSD UNIX)

13. E.T. (1982: Atari 2600) - Hah they put this on here just because of the fact that is SUCKED SO BAD. Funny how they put this on here and not Bezerk, which was such a great game and I think done by the same game designer.

14. Dragon's Lair (1983: Arcade) - This was done in 1983?! Wow the graphics were way ahead of their time. It was like playing a carton. First game ever produced on a laserdisc (which wasn't a good thing overall, but was cutting edge and a step in the right direction in it's time to push the medium).

15. King's Quest (1983: PC) - I never really played KQ much, but it's one of the games that put Sierra on the map in the 80's. Was fun the few times I was able to play it, but I never had a copy.

16. One-on-One (1983: C64) - The rise of the EA Sports empire. Was always fun to play.

17. Super Mario Bros. (1985: Arcade/NES) - Who didn't play this and enjoy it? I remember playing this till like 5 or 6 in the morning at least a couple times.

18. Gauntlet (1985: Arcade) - A 4 player arcade game where everyone cooperates together for the same goal. Was a blast to play.

19. M.U.L.E. (1983: C64)

20. Dragon Warrior (1986: NES)

21. Ultima IV (1985: Apple II/PC) - I liked Ultima Online, loved it for years, but I never once played any of the previous Ultima games.

22. The Macintosh (1984)

23. Tetris (1986: PC/NES/GameBoy)

24. Prince of Persia (1989: PC) Karateka was made by the same guy in 1984 and that was fun, but PoP was a blast to play too. Great animation for it's time and a fun side scroller.

25. FaceBall 2000 (1990: GameBoy)

26. Doom (1993: PC) - The game that set off the FPS genre. I played it a lot, even my mom liked playing it when I showed it to her.

27. John Madden NFL Football (1990: Genesis) - I don't think I really need to say much about this. It's fricken John Madden FOOTBALL!

28. Sonic the Hedgehog (1991: Genesis) - A very addictive console game.

29. Super Mario Kart (1992: Super NES)

30. Populous (1989: Amiga/PC)

31. Herzog Zwei (1991: Genesis)

32. Street Fighter II (1991: Arcade)

33. Myst (1993: Mac/PC)

34. Mortal Kombat (1992: Arcade/SNES/Genesis) - Fatality. Many quarters were sacrificed to play this game that I was never really good at.

35. Virtua Fighter (1993: Arcade/32X) - I was much better at this fighting game instead.

36. Super Mario 64 (1996: Nintendo 64)

37. Tomb Raider (1996: PS/Saturn/PC/Mac) - Never liked it.

38. Final Fantasy VII (1997: PS/PC)

39. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (1999: PS) - An addictively fun game that you could just pick up the controller and play with your friends.

40. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998: N64)

41. Metal Gear Solid (1998: PS) - To much stealth!

42. Half-Life (1998: PC) - IMO the best PC game of all time. Not just for the single player, it's had such a long shelf life because of the ability of modding it into so many different games.

43. Gran Turismo (1998: PS) - The quintessential racing game of the console systems (in any version).

44. Parappa the Rapper (1997: PS)

45. Ultima Online (1997: PC) - Haha here it is. Trust me I spent MANY MANY hours in this game. I mean I still run a community site and I don't even play the game

46. Pokémon (1998: GameBoy)

47. The Sims (2000: PC)

48. Jet Grind Radio (2000: Dreamcast)

49. Grand Theft Auto III (2001: PS2/Xbox/PC) - Fun game. Just wish you didn't have to do missions to go around the whole game.

50. Halo (2001: Xbox/PC/Mac) - I never played the first Halo. I played Halo 2 a bit and then let Sean borrow it.

Games I can't understand how they could have not been on the list.

Original Duke Nuke'm - Before Duke 3d there was the GREAT side scrolling series of games that were a blast to play.

Asteroids - My favorite game of all time on the Atari 2600.

Cyberball - What could possibly be better then robots playing football? How about if the football blows up and takes the robot with it?

Pole Position - I don't think any racing game should be allowed to be discussed without the mentioning of Pole Position.

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