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Weekend Weekend Weekend

Funny how I never really talked about what I did till I found someone to spend it with. Heh.

Friday Night.
So Friday night Kelly took me out on a date. She took me to the Irvine Spectrum where we had food at The Cheesecake Factory, since when we went to the Spectrum the first time I had told her how I'd never been there before and she promised to take me. The food was alright, I got something that had kalamata olives which I've discovered make we feel like I want to vomit because of the disgusting aftertaste, but other then that my meal was good. We were going to see Hide and Seek but it had already started so we ended up going with the "second choice" of Boogeyman which I will not discuss here other then that fact that it sucked :). I have a hard time really liking any horror flick so it really didn't matter that it sucked to me, I was moreso just enjoying my company. Then we walked around and talked like we normally do. We got some coffee and since we were near the ferris wheel we went ahead and went on it again. This time though I kissed her like I wanted to the first time we went on it (our 3rd date). We got a laugh out of that since we had talked about it before. That was the night.

S A T U R D A Y NIGHT! (Sang like the song)
All day Saturday I was running around getting my place cleaned up and I went to Target twice, along with Trader Joe's and Albertsons. I decided to cook Kelly dinner and we were going to just stay in. All those trips and driving and I forgot two things I had on my list, but the night still went off without a hitch. I cooked us spaghetti fritatta, which is basically like an Italian omelette / souffle thing. It's a really basic recipe that can be expanded on, but since it was the first time I'd made this particular one I just went basic and it tasted great. Along with that we had caesar salad and sourdough bread (with some special butter I whipped up). She liked it all, heck I liked it all too. She's the first girl I've really cooked for at my place in the 2 1/2 years I've lived on my own, heck it's the first time I'd actually ate a meal at my dinner table (we/I always eat in the living room. We talked about a lot of interesting stuff while eating dinner. It's really cool being able to do that, and it was nice with no distraction from like watching TV or whatever. Then we watched TV. I was going through the movie channels to see what was on and So I Married an Axe Murderer was on and she pointed it out (Doug knows this is like one of my favorite movies, even though I never mention it). It was cool that she brought it up since I hadn't mentioned to her that I liked it. Of course she had to leave somewhat earlier then we both wanted since I had to wake up at 5:00 AM for work.

Today after work we are going to see Constantine with some friends.

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