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Yes it's the start of NASCAR season with the Daytona 500 this Sunday. It sucks though I won't be able to watch it till I get home since I'm working Sunday.

I got into NASCAR because it's my dad's favorite thing to watch. I have a lot of favorite drivers, most of them being Chevy guys but I also like guys just because I think they are good drivers or nice guys. Here are the guys I cheer on, and then the ones I watch and appreciate.

Cheer on / Favorites

Dale Earnhardt Jr. (His dad was my Dad's favorite driver, I cried when he died at Daytona and I had to break the news to my dad)
Tony Stewart (Aggressive driver that finds a way to win)
Jimmy Johnson (He's the new face of NASCAR and he's from CA)
Micheal Waltrip (Just an overall good guy, I used to be a big fan of his brother Darrell)


Kurt Busch (Ford BOO)
Matt Kenseth (Ford BOO)
Dale Jarrett (Ford BOO)
Kasey Kahne
Bobby Labonte
Sterlin Marlin (used to be one of my faves long long ago)
Casey Mears
Ryan Newman (he's the smartest driver out there)
Ken Shrader (I remember back in his old #25 Folgers)
Jeff Gordon (but it's been waning)
Robby Gordon (I used to love watching this guy when I watched Indy)

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