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Valentine's Day

So Kelly, was supposed to have school last night, but she found out from talking to her counselor yesterday that the class she was taking is useless and she is already done with all her classes so she can transfer to a Cal State, with that determined she didn't go to class and invited me over to cook me dinner. So I went over to her place after hooking up my new HUGE LCD monitor ( Ultra Sharp 2001FP 20.1 Flat Panel LCD ). We exchange little gifts that we got each other and cards. It was funny both of our cards had a dog on them. I got her a grow yourself calla lily potted plant because she had told me her favorite flowers were calla lilies, she got me a really cool black and white picture of the Golden Gate Bridge because she knows I like San Fran and the bridge after I was showing her all the pictures of it I took on my vacation. She made us spaghetti with marinara sauce, salad, and some French bread. Dinner was good even though the noodles sort of got overcooked ;), I told her I'll teach her how to cook them right (since I am a master chef... yeah right). We also watched Garden State since she didn't see it when it was in the theater. She liked it, she laughed a lot during the part when Natalie Portman's character has Zach Braff's character drive her home and shows him her house. Then we sat around and talked and she showed me a bunch of pictures of her and her family when she was growing up. It was a really nice night.

Work is slow so far this morning but I will live. I'm just getting some stuff done as I look through various recipes while I'm talking to customers. Trying to find some nice stuff to make for her (she's vegetarian so I need to figure out different stuff to make).

Tonight will be catching up on sleep and watching 24.

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