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So that's what weekends are for...

So I already talked about Friday night, but I didn't mention where we ate Dominic's Ristorante Italiano (3rd listing) is probably one of the best Italian places in Orange County. Think of any Italian restaurant's bread/breadsticks and Dominic's blows them away, they are the best bread I've ever had. Their food is really good as well.


I went out to Corona to go to a bowling party for my cousin Emily. Saw a bunch of family, and of course my mom talked to me about Kelly. She really liked her, which I already knew anyway, but it's still good to hear that. My sister want to know why she wasn't at the party, and I was like she JUST met our parents, I don't want to subject her to meeting a whole bunch of family already too! I stayed out there till about 3 and headed home. Kelly called me when she got home from work, we were going to just stay in and watch some movies or something, but as she was heading over Sean asked what I was doing and invited us over to hang out with him and Jenn. So we got some Rubio's from dinner and headed over to Sean's. Had a great time playing some games (Fluxx and Munchkin), as well as drinking some beer. She likes beer (another check on the pluses side) but not too much, just enough to enjoy a beer or two with friends or out at a casual dinner. She really liked Fluxx, which is cool because it's a fun game. Munchkin was a little too much reading for the night and we were all a little learning confused since we were using a different version then we normally do. After that we headed home and hung out for a bit.


Picked her up and we went and got some Togos and headed to Long Beach to go to the Aquarium of the Pacific. I'd never been there before, it's pretty cool, lots of fish. But the best stuff are the Seals, Sea Lions, and Sea Otters. After that went over to Shoreline Village and walked around. We made our way to the lighthouse in the marina/harbor. After that we walked over to The Pike, which is a new revitalized shopping/entertainment area in Long Beach, not to be confused with the original Pike which was at the same location. It was neat hanging out there, because my grandmother used to go there all the time and ride the Cyclone, in fact she met my grandfather there. I told Kelly about how my grandmother would always tell me stories about going there when she was in her late teens and twenties. At The Pike we got some ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery because it kicks ass and she'd never had it before. Then we headed back to Shoreline Village took some pictures in a photo booth and went home. Although we were both still full from the ice cream we order pizza from the pizza place I've gotten pizza from for as long as I can remember (like 20 years) Pizza Grande (first listing), they have good spicy pizza sauce. So we chowed down on some pizza and we watched Swingers, since it's one of the best damn movies in the world and she had never seen it. She said she liked it, :).

And that was that... my weekend. It was great.

Oh yeah and today is Valentines Day. ;)

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