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So here we are.

This is me (in case you can't tell) and Kelly (the girl).

Took this picture last night when Kelly came over after the Superbowl. I got to bask in my glory because she was cheering on the Eagles and I've basically been on the Pats wagon since Brady started QB for them. I predicted the Pats from day one this season. So I got a get some good old fashioned ribbing on her tonight. We watched Simpsons and some other shows, then just sat around and talked for hours last night.

Brian from work owes me a soda for the Pats winning too. Every week he would be cheering on whatever AFC opponent the Pats had saying "They're gonna loose!" and I kept telling him it wasn't going to happen. Colts and the Steelers, I don't think so. Then last week he was starting to say how it "wasn't fair" and that all playoff games should be played indoors. Whatever, home field advantage IS fair. That's what you play for. Changing the rules for teams such as the Colts, that can't win outdoors or in cold is a big no no. Then I explained it to him this way, changing the rules so it's fair for everyone in the playoffs like this is just as bad as supporting someone that's on welfare who decides to have another child when they already can't support the ones they have (see he's a big liberal, and he always enjoys the fact that the government likes to give free hand outs and tries to make everything "fair"). Sorry that's a no go for me. We got a little laugh out of it, since he knows I'm partly kidding, but it is sort of the same thing. KEEP YOUR LIBERAL CHANGES away from sports! The playoffs aren't made to be fair! They are made to favor the teams that have the best records!

Guess this one gets a Niners/Young icon since it's more about sports then anything else, heh.

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