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10 Halle Berry NO NO NO. Sorry can't agree.
9 Angelina Jolie She's hot, has great lips and is amazing humanitarian that I respect. But at the same time I'm not gaga over her like it seems most guys are. I don't know she's like a guilty pleasure to me.
8 Beyonce KnowlesNo sorry. Tyra Banks is hotter, Leeann Tweeden is way hotter.
7 Elsa Benitez Who? Too modelish.
6 Brooke Burke See she's another girl who's "pretty" but she just doesn't do it for me. Great body, but I'm not into her like lots of guys are.
5 Heidi Klum She looks terrible as a bleach blonde. But she's really pretty with her normal dark blonde/light brown hair. I've seen her on Letterman and she is really nice which makes her even more attractive to me. Plus she's a model with an actual body, not a waif.
4 Josie Maran Eh...
3 Charlize Theron Her and Ashley Judd look a lot alike. But I'd rather go for Scarlett Johanson, who I think looks sort like them too, but I think is way cuter.
2 Monica Bellucci Great um *coughs* body. Beautiful dark hair. Was 1/2 the reason why Matrix 2 and 3 didn't suck.
1 Adriana Lima... Who the hell is this? She's pretty has that mix of different nationalites but she just makes me go "eh" when I compare her to others I find attractive.

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