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Ask 50-11

Ok 50 through however far I get today.

48 Kylie Minogue It's pretty crazy to realize how long she's been around. She's got a cute sister too, but Kylie is better.
47 Rosario Dawson Ah Rosario, beautiful beautiful woman. Mixture of Cuban, Irish, Native American, Pueto Rican, and African.
45 Diane Lane Great looking "older" woman, of course she's not even 40 yet, and I don't consider her older anyway.
44 Charisma Carpenter She was much of the reason I enjoyed Angel, but I never liked her hair after she cut it short, it just didnt' look right on her.
43 Jennifer Love Hewitt 43?!?! Come on she's like top 10 material. She's pretty, and she's so nice when I've seen her interviewed.
42 Leeann Tweeden You realize I wasn't going to write about every woman but they keep having ones I like on this list. I'm used to lists that include a bunch of women I don't think are really attractive (to me). Oh but I think Leeann is.
41 Kelly Brook Not really know in the states but she's amazing to me all because of this picture!
40 Mandy Moore She's really cute. Also seems pretty down to earth.
37 Shannon Elizabeth It's hard to not include her after her terrific work in all the American Pie movies... I mean, really it is. She's got a great body.
32 Alyssa Milano She is one of the most beautiful women on televison.
30 Elisha Cuthbert I really wasn't that amazed by her (probably because her charcter was so stupid on 24) until I saw her in The Girl Next Door, and something about that porn actress that wants to get out bad girl, but really nice girl, just sort of did me in and got me more into her. She has really pretty eyes, and is one of the few blondes I really find attractive.
29 Krista Allen Watching Unscripted on HBO I've seen her a bit lately, I know she's acting but it seems like she's just acting as herself and she seems really nice and sincere on the show, it sucks that she's be typecast because of her work on the Emmanuelle series which was soft-core skinamax porn. She really is a good actress though, even when you take away her drop dead looks. And she has amazing eyes.
28 Jennifer Garner She's cute/pretty, but I feel her acting career exceeds her talent, she's good on Alias, but she only really has two "acts" her tough act and her "cry" act. She needs to get better at acting to really have a career beyond Alias and the movies she's done.
25 Natalie Portman She's really cute. She plays cuteness to a T in Garden State. I haven't seen Closer yet... I'd like to though.
22 Kate Beckinsale I loved her in Serendipty, she's classic beauty to me. I also thought she looked wonderful in Laurel Canyon. The pictures suck though. Oh and Van Helsing and Underworld (leather rawr).
20 Roselyn Sanchez One of my favorite hispanic beauties. She's just wow.
19 Salma Hayek Talking about hispanic beauties, here she is... The one I compare them all to. Perfect looking and that accent... yum!
18 Kristin Kreuk She's cute, but I think she has the same diesease that Jennifer Garner has she can be normal or she can be pucker girl (her sad look). I don't see her really expanding, but she's still young maybe she will learn to act.
14 Catherine Zeta-Jone She's a world beauty. I still remember the add for Entrapment.
12 Jessica Simpson If she only had a brain... Such wasted looks.

And later I will do the top 10 in some other type of format, I'm lack any real substance right now...

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