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Matt Leinart for Heisman

Yes I'm a USC Trojan fan and I'm biased, but I don't care. The other guys up for it all have good numbers.

Jason White won last year and will lose votes accordingly, even though he's had a better season. I rooted for him to win last season, the guy went through a lot to get to where he is. Two blown knees, and people saying he's a project of the system. I think he will be a solid NFL QB, but he got his trophy for his accomplishments in 2003, he didn't come back for this he came back for a National Championship (too bad it's against USC ;) ).

Peterson is a freshman, not even Faulk was able to win as a freshman or Vick. Plus White is the team leader.

Bush, doesn't touch the ball 25 times a game. If he could carry 20 a game with 5 catches he could win, especially with his return numbers. Only averaged a little over 18 touches a game, was the second leading rusher on the team. 15 total TDs. If he gets 25 touches a game including his all purpose he's probably there, and this is Leinarts team, regardless if Bush is the best athlete.

Alex Smith, he somehow got enough votes for 5. Lots of people question this.

Leinart was 6th place last season for Heisman, his numbers are better, and this is his team. It's his or Whites trophy, and because White will lose votes Leinart will win a VERY close voting. Probabably within 10-20 points. Leinart had his tough times too growing up. He was born cross eyed, had two surgeries growing up to fix that (may have to have another one in the future). While playing at Matre Dei he blew his arm out in baseball where at 16 he was throwing an 84 MPH fastball (he's a lefty). He gave up baseball to only play football, because of his arm. He is the Trojan's team leader. I'm biased but I think the voters will also see he's this years Heisman.

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