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It's amazing how in a 24 hour time lapse one can go from being in a great happy mood to being bummed out about everything. Why does meeting someone special have to be so fucking difficult? I've spent 2 1/2 years single and since then I have dated a total of maybe 4 girls, with none of them ending up any more then eventual good friends. Everything else in life is in order (well except for having my own place). I have a great job that has tons of potential, great friends and family, and to top it off I'm getting in better shape (slowly). But the one thing, that I feel is the most important thing to me I am missing. Not anything on my friends (mainly Doug) but having a special someone to spend time with and talk to and help me through the tough times is very important to me. Sure I have done fine without one, but sometimes it gets really tough being as lonely as I feel. I miss the cuddling, caring, loving, kissing, hugging, and the late nights of just being together. I also miss the wonderful nights of holding the person I love in my arms as I fall asleep. It was great when I had that especially when my ex lived with me. Of course I'm happy to not be in that relationship but I miss having that person there through everything. I know it will happen eventually, which is why I tend not to let it bother me, but every month or so I start to think about it again and that's what gets me. It's the same thinking I do when I am dating someone. Maybe it will all change sooner rather then later, but it's hard to believe that after it has been so long. I'm not sure how much longer my heart can take it.

I tried to write something meaningful and new to post on here but I couldn't write anything right now. Not in poetry writing mood. So I just figure I will post a song from a group.

I Could Fall - Evan and Jaron

Nobody could hurt me like I know she could hurt me
but there's nothing in this world that I want more
Nobody could take me to the places that she takes me
Places that I've never been before
With my eyes wide open knowing full well

I could fall from heaven
I could fall from heaven
I could fall I could brake that's the chance that I take
I could fall

Look at me I'm flying, just a breath away from dying
Holding on to her and letting go
As I walk across this wire above a lake of fire
And lean into the wind that starts to blow
With my eyes wide open knowing full well

Do I hide my heart? Do I lock my door?
Do I tear it out so it don't feel no more?
No, I risk it all knowing that I could fall from heaven
I could fall from heaven
I could fall
I could fall
I could fall
I could fall
Fall, fall

I miss that feeling so much. Oh well, I know I will find it again, I just needed to write about it.

Take Care,
Daniel Phillip Schoonover

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