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Racquetball League

So I started a new RB league. Tuesday night is an A/B league.

I lost all 4 games I played. To 11 points, it's important to score points even if you lose your game... I failed at that mostly.

Game 1 - 10 points
Game 2- 3
Game 3- 1
Game 4- 5 points (only because I was playing an A player so I get 4 free points).

So it wasn't a great day of playing. Tonight I have my weekly game with one of the guys at the gym, I need to stop at the sports store and look at some racquets as well as get some gloves. Hopefully they have a deal on Ektelon Racquets. Tomorrow is my B/C league. I've been running on my non RB days, I ran/jog/walked a mile on Monday. I usually run about 2/3's of it for now. Once I can get myself to running the full mile I will work up from that. Main reason I can't run the full thing is my back starts hurting, but I know that will eventually go away.

So that's my update.

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