December 27th, 2006


My Christmas!

So it's came and went.  Christmas is over as quickly as it came.  I'm back at work and I'm starting to feel a little under the weather.  Hopefully that goes away.

So what did Kelly and I do for over the weekend?  Well let's see.  On Friday after getting off of work we headed down to one of our favorite Italian restaurants Mama D's.  The food was great as always and the service was wonderful.  We did some quick grocery shopping and then called it a night.  On Saturday I had taken the day off, so I did laundry and waited for Kelly to finish with work.  We expected her to be working till really late, but fortunately she finished at 3.  So she didn't have as rough day at work as expected.  She really wanted to go to See's Candies and get a box of candy with a gift certificate we had.  So we went and had pizza at Me-N-Ed's and had a delicious pizza and then headed over to the See's Candies over in Fullerton.  Then on Sunday we cleaned up our place a bit (it was messy from all the wrapping of gifts) and my parents came over to exchange gifts with us.  They got us some really nice place settings, table cloth, and champagne glasses.  We got them a wine bottle chiller, some wine, and also we got my dad "The Best of Match Game" on dvd.  Next we all headed over to Kellys mom's place for a nice Christmas Eve dinner.  I spent most the night outside talking with the guys about sports and what not.  It was a good night.  Then came Christmas day!  We unfortunately woke up early like we always seem to do on our days off (6 AM).  So we opened up our gifts.  We both bought each other lots of stuff.

I got Kelly a bunch of clothes and then also got her some makeup, including some eye shadow she really wanted from Bare Escentials called 'Meet the Greens'.  I also got her the entire series of Keeping Up Appearances on DVD, her second favorite show of all time.  She got me a bunch of great shits that I wore over the long weekend, and also she got us passes to go up to the Griffith Observatory on Sunday!  I can't wait for that.  I haven't been there since they redid it all, it should be a blast.  After that I cooked us breakfast and I then prepared what I was making for my family's Christmas party that we were heading to.  Once we were ready, we headed over to Kelly's parents place and opened up for gifts.  We got this really nice Irish Blessing tapestry that hangs over your door from Kelly's brothers.  Also Peggy (and Tony) (Kelly's parents) got us a a photo album done up with pictures from our wedding, it's beautiful.  Lastly I got the board game Heroscape from Peggy, and Kelly's other brother Danny got me a Topo map for my computer and GPS that looks to have some really cool features!

We also had yesterday off!  We were able to sleep in, till 7:45 AM.  Then we cleaned up and headed out to breakfast at the Filling Station.  After that we headed to the Block of Orange to return some things.  After we did that were we going to go to the Irvine Spectrum but my parents called to see if we wanted to see a movie.  So we headed back to the Block and went and saw 'Night at the Museum' with my parents and my aunt Cheri Lou and Mike.  It was a fun movie.  Had lots of laugh at loud moments.  Only problem was the annoying family next to us that couldn't control their 3 year old.  Eventually they ended up leaving after numerous occasions of talking and moving around from seat too seat by their child.  I don't mind if parents bring their children to the movies, but the child needs to understand what is expected of them in that type of situation and the parents need to spend more time paying attention to the child instead of playing tonsil hockey if they are out at the movies as a family.  Next my parents met us back at our place and we went to the Irvine Spectrum and had an early dinner at the Yardhouse.  It was Happy Hour! so we had 1/2 price appetizers for dinner and I had a couple glasses of Pyramid Hefeweizen.  Rest the night we just walked around and window shopped.

So that was our Christmas weekend.  I'm now back here at work.  Already 3 hours of work finished!  Yay!